Enrique “Quique” Martí Coll (1939-1992)

From its beginnings, it was propelled with its own light creating harmony in each step. Concariño called Quique, a nickname that summarized the family man, the good friend, the adventurer, the embelequero, the businessman, the party dancer, the activist, among many others that marked the lives of many.

Quique was one of the leading publicists in the country; president of the Association of Advertising Agencies, one of the creators of the Code of Ethics and founder of Martí Flores Prieto & Wachtel, who together with his partners became the main agency in the country.

Winner of awards that honored his name as: “The Outstanding Young Executive,” “The Top Management Award” and winner of “The Citizen of the Year” of the Chamber of Commerce in 1980 and 1992, a reward deserved for his infinite motivation in improving the quality of life of our beautiful Eden Island. A citizen who created a movement of voice from organizing the March Against Crime and propel the campaigns of Public Service against Drugs such as: “Bobo de los Bobos” and the crime “Pellín y Pellín” until achieving efforts to improve the environment by winning several awards from the Women’s Union and the Association of Landscape Architects.

As if that were not enough: he was Director of the Conservation Trust; founder and president of the Conservation Foundation of Puerto Rico; President of Urban Forests of the Greater San Juan Committee; President of the Board of Trustees of the University of the Sacred Heart; President of the Calligraphy Association of Puerto Rico; Collaborator of the Department of Recreation and Sports; Advisor to the National Parks Trust; columnist of natural causes, such as the opposition to the “wall” they built in front of the Isla Verde spa.

The seeds that he sowed bear fruit in his name. The University of the Sacred Heart and the Conservation Foundation of Puerto Rico today have scholarships in their name. In addition, the organization Scuba Dogs Society was created, in honor of its mission to promote the coexistence of the human being with the environment.

As a result of his tragic accident on September 17, 1992, one of the sections of the Enrique Martí Coll Linear Park that goes from the Central Park to the aqua-express in Hato Rey was created. The purpose of this linear park is to unite Luis Muñoz Rivera Park, the Third Millennium Park, the Laguna del Condado Park, the Central Park, the Luis Muñoz Marín Park and the Botanical Garden along the promenade. Caño Martín Peña.

Quique leaves us a mark that will be marked in Puerto Rico forever. In your name, Scuba Dogs Society says present.