Eco-Urbanism Congress Enrique Martí Coll (CEEMC)

The concept of eco-urbanism is one that defines the “development of sustainable human communities with multiple characteristics, located in environments built in a harmonious and balanced manner”. It is an emerging branch of urbanism of the 21st century, it focuses its interest on social and environmental problems.

Based on the above definition, the EMC Ecourbanism Congress is intended to serve as a discussion forum for the exchange of ideas through conferences and field trips for the search for solutions, mediating between divergent points of view and promoting a new dialogue national version of urban development and environment.

Create awareness about the social responsibility that we all have with the sustainable and integrated development of the city and the environment. In addition to initiating the development of public policies to promote environmentally sustainable cities and begin a multi-sectorial analysis as a model to offer solutions, suggestions and ideas in the urban development of our country.

Chronology of the Eco-Urbanism Congress

  • 1st: Ecociudades; November 2002 (Arte)
  • 2nd: La Ciudad Ecológica; November 2003
  • 3th: Diálogo: La Playa ¿de quien y cómo?; November 2005 (Arte)
  • 4th: Gota a Gota hacia la Conservación o el Despilfarro; November 2010 (Arte)
  • 5th: Sociología, Ecología o Socio-Ecología; November 2011
  • 6th: La Mogollopolis Portorricencis… trabajo, vivienda y naturaleza, ¿Cual es la relación?; November 2012 (Arte)
  • 7th: La Mogollopolis de la Basura:Clarificando su movimiento, rehuso y abuso; October 2013 (Arte)
  • 8th: La Ciudad del Antropoceno: Adaptando la infraestructura Gris a una nueva era; October 2015 (Arte)